Management and Governance

Caverion Corporation is committed to good corporate governance through compliance with laws and regulations and by implementing best practices. The administration of Caverion Corporation complies with valid legislation, the company’s Articles of Association and the rules and regulations of bodies that regulate and supervise the operations of Finnish listed companies.

In addition, Caverion’s operations are guided by the common values and internal operating principles confirmed in the company.

We constantly update information regarding corporate governance on our website. This information includes the resumes of the members of our Group Management Board and the Board of Directors, the Charters of the Board of Directors and their committees as well as the regulatory statements to be issued by a listed company.

Caverion’s governance bodies 

Caverion Corporation’s highest decision-making body is the General Meeting of the Shareholders, which is composed of the company’s shareholders. The Board of Directors and the President and CEO are responsible for the management and strategy of the company. Other members of the Management Board assist and support the President and CEO in his tasks. The Board of Directors decides on the Group’s governance systems and ensures that the company complies with good corporate governance principles.