Caverion knows what is needed to create user-friendly, safe, energy-efficient and comfortable built environments. We efficiently manage the entire life cycle of properties – from individual technology to advanced total solutions. Energy-efficiency is part of our all services and solutions. 

The following key themes define our way of doing sustainable business:

  • We aim at reducing negative environmental impact.
  • We emphasise excellent leadership. 
  • We ensure high-quality service.
  • We operate responsibly. 


Key figures in 2016
Personnel at year-end16,91317,39917,355
Personnel on average17,38117,32417,490
Fixed-term employees, %1297
Accident frequency rate16.38.310.1
Sick leave rate, %
CO2 emissions (tonnes) / revenue3,418.120.624.0
CO2 emissions, tonnes3,442,846.9 50,262.357,771.8
ISO 14001 certified operations5
OHSAS 18001 certified operations592 7173
ISO 9001 certified operations5100 100100

1) LTIFR: The number of lost time injuries occurring in a workplace per one million man-hours worked.
2) Hours of absence/total available hours, %
3) 2015–2016: market-based scope 2 figures used 
4) 2015 emission figures are restated and differ from earlier published figures

5) Share of total revenue



Sustainability highlights 2016

New life cycle projects and energy efficiency


We have several life cycle projects ongoing in Finland and Denmark. The customer can centralise life cycle responsibility into our hands and we, with our service offering, guarantee costs, energy efficiency and optimal conditions even for decades.

Caverion is a trusted partner also in energy efficiency projects. We analyse properties and implement measures to decrease energy consumption and environmental impacts. The projects can be financed entirely or partly from the achieved savings.

Focusing on customers


The first group-wide customer satisfaction survey gave us valuable information for developing our actions, strategy work and understanding customer retention.

According to the survey, customers are satisfied with Caverion’s technical expertise and the way we understand their challenges and have a respectful attitude. We have room for improvement, for example in supporting customer loyalty.

First common training


Our first common training concentrated on Code of Conduct and good business ethics. During the year, 84% of our personnel completed the training online or in a group.

Code of conduct training will continue in 2017 with new content. Also other e-learnings, related to, for example safety and project management, will be launched in upcoming months.

Towards accident-free workplace


Our active work for promoting safe work environment has produced good results during recent years. We continued the positive development in 2016 and our accident frequency rate decreased significantly year on year.

We focus especially on preventive safety work. Common Safety Guideline and Ground Rules guide a safe working environment in all Caverion sites and offices. Our goal is to become an accident-free workplace, of which we can all be proud.

Good ranking from CDP to Caverion


Caverion received –B ranking in the CDP Climate Change 2016 evaluation (range A–D), representing good Nordic average. Caverion participated in the evaluation for the second time.

By holding the largest collection globally of self-reported climate change data, CDP is the leading environment and climate index for investors. CDP represents 827 investors with EUR 96 trillion in assets.

New young professionals


We employed approximately 1,200 summer employees, thesis students, trainees and apprentices. In Finland, we were ranked as one of the best summer employers in the large corporations category.

Trainee programmes and thesis cooperation give us a great opportunity to be involved in the professional development of young students. In fact, trainee programmes constitute an important channel of recruitment for Caverion and we get new knowledge and competences for our industry.

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